Monday, July 30, 2012

The Halfway Point

Greetings from high in the sky!  To refresh thine memories, I am in Aspen, Colorado this summer, participating in the Aspen Music Festival.  It's all right here, very different from Pittsburgh.  Allow me to enumerate the differences.
1. Everyone seems to have a lot of money.
2. It's very "kid-friendly."
3. Everything costs a million dollars.  ($4 for a piece of pizza?  It should be free!)
4. It's almost 8000 feet up.
5. No one has a comforting accent.
6. Everyone (men, women, children) wear biking outfits,  It's stressful.

That's not to say that I'm not having the time of my life, because I am.  I have played six concerts since I got here, so I have been quite busy.  I have gotten to work with some really great conductors, and some very fine young musicians.  Also, some professional musicians, who I will not name for fear of retribution.  But I suppose I can tell you WHAT I played, right?  The highlights have been, Dvorak's Ninth Symphony, Symphonie Fantastique, and Ein Heldenleben.  But I would say my greatest and most satisfying musical achievement to date was playing second bassoon in the Fourth of July Band.  Yeah, that was definitely it.

Today I rode the gondola up Aspen Mountain.  I did not like it.  It was slow, and went very high above the ground, and when I got to the top, I was very high in the sky.  I like to be down low.  I am but five feet tall, so I am not accustomed to seeing above things.  Even so, it was quite fun and enjoyable.  At the top, there is a building called The Sundeck, where people can buy different foods and beverages (alcoholic and non) and play games.  I played 1/4th of a game of chess before I gave up.  My friend took over for me and won!  So by proxy, I won.  He he he.

Allow me to share what I seeeeen:

No Smoking, please.

Goodbye bottom of mountain.

Looking down on Aspen.

Some jutting rocks.  And they are jutting!

Ugh, it's so far down now.

For those of you who have wondered what I would look like on top of a mountain, your prayers have been answered.

My view from the porch-thing of The Sundeck, where I enjoyed a cookie and a diet coke.

Mountain chess.  We had to substitute some pieces because it was an incomplete set.

On the way back down.  Bye Aspen Mountain.

This week I am starting rehearsals for John Harbison's opera, The Great Gatsby.  I am playing principal and my part is hard, so I ought to learn it.  Peace out!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Take a photographic journey with me!

My Getaway Car and Chauffeur. 

My loverly bed in Dallas.  (Hank wanted to be in the picture too).

Firm, or soft?

My Beautiful View.

My Practice area in my room.  I have a nice view of a hill.

My little window by my bed. :)

 I see this dog everywhere, tied up by itself. :(