Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Aspen: Day One

I have not posted in a while--if I had a nickel for every journal entry that started this way I'd have several nickels.  It's because I am very busy killin' it--at being a busy career woman.  What have I been doing since October?  I've been playing gigs, going to school, taking lessons, making the semi-regular trip to Philadelphia.  That's what!

"But Kika," you may be asking, "if you are going to Aspen, why are you still in Texas?  Didn't you leave yesterday?" 

Why yes.  Yes I did.  

I got on the plane in Philadelphia as planned, and landed in Texas yesterday at 1:35 PM Central Time.  At 4:00ish, the airline-desk-people made an announcement that they needed 34 people to volunteer to stay behind in Dallas until tomorrow.  Because of high winds in Aspen (15 knots),the plane needed to bring a lot of extra fuel--in case the plane needed to circle a long time or fly to another airport--and needed to ditch some fatties.  I was the first fatty to volunteer!  

My "severance" package (from my original flight) was pretty sweet--a dinner and breakfast voucher, free hotel stay at the glamorous Holiday Inn in Bedford Texas, and a $500 voucher for a future flight one year from yesterday.    Everyone else from my flight took a plane to Vail, Co and rode on a bus to the Aspen Airport.  The people on the original Aspen flight got diverted to Grand Junction, Co and rode a bus.  I bought a plane ticket to Aspen so I wouldn't have to ride a bus.  
So all the rich people with their little yappie dogs (and one rich lady with an angry cat in a pink sweat suit) tramped off to the Vail plane, and I went to Bedford.  Where I ate dinner at a bar called Gusher's with a bunch of truckers from Arkansas.  They invited me to a strip club, but I had to graciously decline.  After a traumatic day of travel, the last thing you need are strange bewbs waggling in your face.  I then hid in my room 'til 2 PM today, when the airport shuttle came to pick me up.  My driver was an enchanting Pakistani man who studied geology, and his cousin did his masters in Industrial Economics at Wisconsin.  What a small world!  

Now I'm in the airport, again.  I had to go through the naked scanner which always sucks, and the TSA lady had to pat down my head because I made the mistake of wearing a bobby pin in my hair.  Just my head.  My flight has already been delayed a half hour, so hopefully I'll make it.  Aspen or bust!  


PS:   I used my breakfast voucher to buy a Coolatta from Dunkin' Donuts!

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  1. Hahahahaha--you do have a way with the English language!