Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

The last six months have apparently been crazy since I haven't written on here in that long.  Geez louise!  Well, let's catch up, shall we?  Since we last met, I cut my thumb pretty severely on a meat slicer at work (it bled for two days!  I had to wear a little thumb cast!), went to the Banff Centre for their Masterclass program (awesome), auditioned for the Erie Philharmonic (lost) and OvreArts Sinfonia (won!).  OvreArts is a new group in Pittsburgh, and they have some pretty interesting things coming up, including a ballet at the Byham.  The other day (yesterday) I played an all Mozart concert with another new Pittsburgh group, Ensemble Ripieno.  I really liked the energy of the group, because unlike some gigs I have played, everyone wanted to be there and make a good product.  I really dug it.
Last week I played a gig with a high school at a shriner's temple.  I liked it because it was a high school orchestra tackling and successfully performing some challenging music, including a movement from New World Symphony and an orchestral version of Porgy and Bess with soloists.  It's good to know there are school programs out there that make the kids work.  And also, the place was totally packed.  :)

Tonight I took my little dog Spike trick or treating.  He successfully tricked and treated at one house, then became exhausted and we went home. :)

The  Reluctant Unicorn

Trick or Treat!

Not one hour later, exhaustion sets in.

Spike didn't have any candy, just half a pretzel, and it knocked him on his little fanny.  Poor kid.

More later,  TOODZ!