Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

The last six months have apparently been crazy since I haven't written on here in that long.  Geez louise!  Well, let's catch up, shall we?  Since we last met, I cut my thumb pretty severely on a meat slicer at work (it bled for two days!  I had to wear a little thumb cast!), went to the Banff Centre for their Masterclass program (awesome), auditioned for the Erie Philharmonic (lost) and OvreArts Sinfonia (won!).  OvreArts is a new group in Pittsburgh, and they have some pretty interesting things coming up, including a ballet at the Byham.  The other day (yesterday) I played an all Mozart concert with another new Pittsburgh group, Ensemble Ripieno.  I really liked the energy of the group, because unlike some gigs I have played, everyone wanted to be there and make a good product.  I really dug it.
Last week I played a gig with a high school at a shriner's temple.  I liked it because it was a high school orchestra tackling and successfully performing some challenging music, including a movement from New World Symphony and an orchestral version of Porgy and Bess with soloists.  It's good to know there are school programs out there that make the kids work.  And also, the place was totally packed.  :)

Tonight I took my little dog Spike trick or treating.  He successfully tricked and treated at one house, then became exhausted and we went home. :)

The  Reluctant Unicorn

Trick or Treat!

Not one hour later, exhaustion sets in.

Spike didn't have any candy, just half a pretzel, and it knocked him on his little fanny.  Poor kid.

More later,  TOODZ!


Thursday, May 5, 2011


Today I have an audition for Columbus ProMusica, which is cool.  It is a three hour drive, and my dad is taking me.  Which is unusual because usually, my mom takes me, I go by myself, and in one instance Bridget came along.  So I don't know how this will go.  Audition days can be a roller coaster of intense emotion--nervousness, excitement, disappointment, sorrow, remorse inconsolable agony.  You know.  But it's like this--if he is not ready to leave when I am, I am stealing the car and driving home and he can ride his recumbent bicycle back.  And that's that.  I speak so candidly because he will never read my blog. :)

As you may know, I have a job where I work overnight at a gas station.  It is not the most spectacular, but the pay is good, and it doesn't require a great emotional investment.  Tuesday night I worked overnight, so that Wednesday was a manic day of practicing and lunching with Sumner.  I went to bed at 7PM.  It was spectacular. I noticed a tiny footstool in my practice room and this was the result:

Reedmaking table!  And here is an image of me at the desk to give you a little perspective:

Idon't know why I am making that face.  Probably because I had been awake for a long time.

So that's all.  Wish me luck!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

¡Feliz Aniversario!

Best present ever--visually stunning, tasty as all get out.

A Fine Day

 A walk down the North Shore with Spike and Benton.


Run back!

Is there anything finer?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

I got into the Woodwind class at Banff, but did not get into NOI.  It is so weird--it is almost cathartic to admit my failures to the world.  But it's not so much a personal failure as a...failure to get in.  Right?  Right.  So, three weeks in Canada with my oboe-homie from Pittsburgh/Penn State/Wisconsin and Frank Morelli.  I am so excited to go away and just...practice.  Ughhhhhhhhhhhh that sounds so good.  To stop working for three weeks and go to a remote place to just bassoon.  And also collaborate with other emerging artists from around the world (or so says the Banff website).  Other stuff has been going on, but I have to do my taxes.  Then maybe I will put up some pictures or something. :)

Later taters,


Sunday, February 20, 2011


My first weekend off in weeks.  I am doing nothing but writing in my real-life journal and watching movies.  Righteous.  I watched The Social Network, Despicable Me, and Conversations With Other Women.  Like my roses?  Or the Spike toy? ;)

Ahhhhhhh, relaxation.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

In more important news...

I have an audition.  I also just took an audition.
The audition of the past was for the National Orchestral Institute, a summer program at the University of Maryland.  It went quite well.  I wasn't going to mention that I took it, but it turns out NOI posts their audition roster online, so everyone in the world can now find out that I took the NOI audition.  On January 15th.  At the Curtis Institute in Philadelphia.  At 3:20 pm.  So much for discretion.  Actually, it's probably a good thing because I shouldn't be secretive about taking auditions.  Despite what my jealousy-addled, inadequacy-issued brain thinks, there might be some people in the world who want me to do well, or could offer me advice.

The audition of the future is for associate principal bassoon of the Cincinnati Symphony.  Will I win?  Probably not.  This will only be my second for realzy-realz audition. It's cool though--as a wise woman told me just today, "The only way to win a job is to take auditions."  And it's weird how I will just...not take that advice.

I believe it was Ru Paul who famously said, "You better work!"  I will take her advice as well.  Practicing for this audition has been going adequately.  I am still "shedding," on the more technically difficult items.  I want to do this for another week.  My teacher told me it's going to stink, and be a hard road, and I will get frustrated, and tire out early and easily, and I may not win this audition, but this work is, as she refers to it, "money in the bank."

When I think back, I have done a lot of failing at the bassoon.  Sometimes I feel like the pursuit of my dream has beaten me up sufficiently, and it makes me feel scrappier when I think back on all the challenges I have overcome.  Then I realize, I'm just getting started.

I love my doggie

This dog, Spike--he kills me.  When he blinks, I giggle with delight.  Ugh, gee whiz, I'm losing it.  He likes when you make kissy-noises at him, which is why I am making abhorrent kissy-faces in these photos.  Anything for Spike.  Or as I like to call him, Schpilkas.  Which he has.