Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The State of Things

It has been a long time.  Maybe a little too long, but I have been quite busy--practicing my little fingers to the bone, making copious amounts of reeds, riding the bus, playing with the new dog, visiting friends, and various crafty projects.
Carnegie Mellon is great.  Everyone I have met is really nice, but also takes music very seriously.  The ensembles are VERY very good.  After being at two big state schools, it is a nice change to be in a small conservatory-type setting.
My teacher is brilliant, and she has helped me so much in the past two months.  I'm thinking about music differently than ever before and I am starting to feel more confident in my playing.  We've been working on the Piard scale and arpeggio studies, Bona's Rhythmical Articulation Etudes, Oubradous Scales and Daily Exercises, and Orefici Melodic Studies.  It's a lot of tedious work, but it is paying off. :)

I'm having some trouble finding a job, but isn't everybody?  :)  It's all right.  More time for me to practice.  Theoretically.  Being a little broke has encouraged me to be more thrifty and find enjoyment in cheaper things. I do the crossword in the newspaper every day because it's free.  I walk more and ride my bike.  I have been mending my own clothes to make them last longer and give me something to do, and writing in my journal.  I spent a weekend on the East Coast (Philly/NYC) with a budget of $45 and came in under.  (It is important to mention that a certain handsome young man bought me trolley tokens :)).   Life is just as fun and enjoyable, but is costing a little less.

Also, we got this little dog named Spike.  He is technically a foster right now, but we hope to keep him.  He was seized by the Humane Society because his owner was abusing him.  He came to us sick, weak, flea-bitten, and traumatized.  Now he is flourishing.

That's all for now.  Must practice!

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