Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Time Has Come

I am officially starting on the audition trail.  I did take the Delaware Symphony audition back in January, but I'm for real this time. :)  Today I sent my check in to the Lexington Philharmonic to reserve a spot at their bassoon sub list audition, and I am preparing to send my resume to St. Louis for their second bassoon opening.  The problem with auditions is that they suck.  No one wants to travel a long way just to find out someone doesn't think you are good enough.  I already know that.  You don't have to tell me.  So, I suppose I ought to change my attitude.  Auditions can be fun.  It is fun to be competitive and I should pretend like my feelings of paralyzing fear are feelings of paralyzing excitement.  Right?  Right.

In the end, the whole reason for all of my hard work on excerpts up to this point has been so that I can win a job.  Now I need to go out and try.

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