Thursday, July 15, 2010

I'm Still Alive!

Don't worry--I am still among the living.  I have been enjoying my summer vacation to the fullest--tea drinking with mom, room cleaning with brother, bike riding with dad, Cosmo reading with sister, cake baking with Colette, phone conversing with ADB, and trips to Sonic with whoever will take me.  And today, I will add excerpt learning.  I haven't been the most dedicated bassoonist, but I find that without a goal (audition, lesson, recital), it is hard to be motivated.  Therefore, I have been working out.
What is this working out?  I'll tell you.  I have been doing this mind-numbing exercise where I play through all my etude books with a metronome and tuner in front of a mirror.  I do this so that I can develop my rhythm, intonation, and minimize finger movements (these pinkies of mine are out of control!).  It sucks and is not fun, but my hope is eventually it will pay off and I will have sweet fingers.  Fingers I can really be proud of.
I am also thinking about recital music.  I might play a lot of German music--I miss it after my adventure into the France-Land that is Wisconsin.  French bassoon music will always have my heart, but I need to branch out.  Perhaps some American music too?  Or....Canadian???  The possibilities are endless.

Today I am going to make a concerted effort to work on my CMU audition rep--Ravel Piano Concerto in G bassoon things, Rite of Spring, and ALL of Mahler 6.  I wonder if CMU is doing Mahler 6.  In which case, this would be my third time playing it.  Maybe I could play contra this time...
Well, I am off to eat some cake and soak some reeds.


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  1. keep practicing! :)

    I miss the picture of the bassoon, by the way... this layout looks so.... eeeeemo.