Sunday, April 11, 2010

So....I didn't get in.

I will not be attending the Juilliard school next fall.  I won't get to drink coffee and stargaze at Alice Tully Hall and I won't get to ride the subway to school and I won't get to take practice breaks in Central Park.  I don't get to struggle to survive in the capital of the world.
I will get to go to a really great school and study with an amazing teacher in Pittsburgh.  And also I will get to live at home.  With my parents.
Everything happens for a reason.  It is a relief that I don't have to take out a million dollar loan and move half way across the country again and eat ramen noodles every day.  I might actually make some money next year and feel a bit less stressed.
My recital went over without a hitch.  I haven't given very many recitals in my life, but I can tell it's becoming easier with every one.  A lot of people came to see it, including my parents and godmother and sister, which always means so much.  Obviously, there are things that I could do better.  But it'll just have to wait for the next one.
I have decided to tackle the Jolivet concerto.  I want to play in a concerto competition and I think the Jolivet is a winner.  I learned how to practice efficiently while preparing for my Juilliard audition and I'm excited to implement my new skills.  I haven't been practicing too much lately because my wrists have been hurting and I need a little break.  But once my comprehensive exams are over (Wednesday), I plan on going NUTS!  Wish me luck!


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