Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I've gone Into the Woods

As I am nearing the end of my academic career at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, my academic calendar is quite free.  I don't have any classes this semester, and I'm not playing with the symphony in their last cycle of concerts.  However, I did recently get my very first Wisconsin gig! (when you are a masters student in a studio with four doctoral candidates, you have to wait a long while for the gigs to make their way down to you).  I'm playing in the musical pit for Into the Woods.  We have had a few long nights and a lot of performances coming up, but the bassoon book is interesting, and the music is very nice.  Thank you, Stephen Sondheim.  My college roommate played the narrator in the Penn State Thespians' production, and being in the pit is bringing back all kinds of happy memories.  

Now, I am contractually obligated to say that the show is going great and I am having a good time.  That being said--Into the Woods is going really well and I am having a great time.  The pit musicians are really good (and really quick thinkers!).  Playing in a musical pit is not the most glamorous existence, but I think I could  do it for a living if the cast and the crew and the musicians are as talented and friendly as they are in this show.  Into the Woods seems like a pretty popular musical, too, so getting to know this part will probably only benefit me in the future.  Modern musicians have to be able to do anything and everything, including play a musical or two to pay the bills.  Plus it can be fun if you don't get caught up in the fact that it's not Tosca or Der Rosenkavalier.  You could always pretend...;)

In other news, I passed my comprehensive exam, which, if you don't know, is an hour-long basic music history exam.  It really SHOULDN'T be too hard, but it's hard to spend a weekend to studying ALL OF MUSIC HISTORY.  But hey man, a pass is a pass.  And I did it.  Now I need to finish my bassoon exam, which is a paper on the top five orchestral excerpts for bassoon.  It's getting close to done, but there is just  so much to say...I could have written a book on the Marriage of Figaro excerpt.  Also, there is a Megabus route from Pittsburgh to State College.  AND Pittsburgh to New York.  Maybe I can ride the Megabus to New York City for a dollar every weekend and pretend that I am a struggling New York artist.  I'll be a New Yorker yet!

Also, in May I'm having a visit from one of my favorite people, who shares my affinity for public transportation. :)
This photo is relevant because it is taken in 30th Street Station, Philadelphia PA.

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