Thursday, March 18, 2010

I don't mean to brag, BUT...

Today I got my letter of acceptance to Carnegie-Mellon's Performance Residency Program.  I submitted my application SO late (I got the due date for this application and a music festival horribly HORRIBLY confused) that I thought it was not even a possibility for me.  Especially when audition season came and went and I was never invited to have a live audition.  But, you know--the Lord works in mysterious ways.  It is a tuition-free program, and I could live with my parents and my life would be perfect and easy.  I'm going to wait to hear from Juilliard before I make any decisions.  However, it is important to mention that my greatest heroes teach there--Philip Pandolfi and Nancy Goeres from the Pittsburgh Symphony!
Two years ago, being accepted to Carnegie-Mellon without even taking a live audition would not have been a possibility for me.  I used to feel like I deserved to go to good schools and get attention and praise because I was an impressive bassoon player.  Today, I realize that the only way that I can do anything with what little ability I have is to work very, very hard.  My overwhelming feeling right now is not pride, but utter humility.  That a school like Carnegie-Mellon would accept little old me.  With a little faith, a lot of hard work, the right attitude, and tremendous amounts of support from my friends and family, good things have been happening, and hopefully will continue to happen.  So all of you musicians out there working your tails off--keep your chins up and keep working!  It'll pay off.



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