Thursday, February 25, 2010

Special Olympics!

This is me in the parking lot of the Alliant Energy in Madison.  You may notice that I do not have readily visible pants.  Well, I'm not wearing any, and it's for a good cause!
This year was my second year of jumping into Lake Monona to raise money for the Special Olympics.  Elizabeth's cousin Jenny participates in the Special Olympics, and she asked me last year and this year to do it.  To be honest, jumping in a frozen body of water is not my idea of a good time, but I did, and it was fun.  Last year I raised $75 and this year I raised $100 (my team, Jessica, Elizabeth, and me--raised $765 total!!).  I get so caught up with practicing and making reeds and watching TV series online that sometimes it's good to have a reality check and help people that seriously deserve some helpin'.  Elizabeth forgot her shorts, so I lent her mine and went without.  Penn State T-shirt and old-lady swimsuit is not a great look for me, but it's for a good cause.

(Team Jenny in the middle)

As you can imagine, jumping into a frozen Wisconsin lake in the middle of February is no picnic.  When you shore up the courage to actually jump in, it is insanely cold and dark and scary, and sometimes (like this year), another jumper will push off your shoulder with their foot to propel them to the surface.  It's over in a few minutes--what's a little discomfort to help some friends?

"1-2-3-Plunge!"  (this year I didn't even cry!)

I think this photo expertly captures the reality of the situation.  Did I mention I got a free longsleeve t-shirt?

My Juilliard audition is in three days and I feel good!

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