Thursday, December 10, 2009

What's the best part about Madison life?

Top to bottom:
Dal (lentil soup) from Madison's awesome Tibetan Restaurant, Himal Chuli.  I could eat it all day.

Sheep cheese and beer from The Old-Fashioned in Madison.

Supper food at Paul Bunyan's Lumber Jack Meals near the Wisconsin Dells.  One word for that meal--hearty.  (Also,my dad on the phone wishing someone a happy birthday, I think).

Last but not least, split peas from the Willy Street Co-op that I spilled all over the floor.  They would have been very delicious....

Bassoon is going.  I am practicing and making reeds like a mad woman, because I am setting up lessons with various bassoonists around this nation.  It's trying and scary (what if they don't like me or think I am uncool??), but I am trying to live without fear.

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