Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A letter from Bridget

This will be my first blog post in my new blog. I'm going to jump right in.

Yesterday I got a tiny letter in my mailbox from my wonderful friend Bridget. I miss her terribly--she is in Japan right now, teaching the kiddies English. She came out to visit me last October and we had such a great time. She even came along to TWO (count 'em, TWO!!) auditions with me--so far, only my mother has been invited to accompany me, as I become an irrational basket case and cry and swear and act a fool.

Both pianists canceled on me today, so I've spend my morning and early afternoon thinking about blog posts and writing my Baroque Survey paper. Now I'm off to make reeds. Toodle loo!

1 comment:

  1. I miss you and love you so.
    I seriously cried when I read this post. I remembered how much fun we had this time last year. AUGH! I miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!