Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm going nuts!

Things are about to be nuts! My parents are coming up Saturday, my recital is Sunday, my Baroque Survey paper is due Monday, we're driving to home to Pennsylvania on Tuesday, Thanksgiving is Thursday, and Friday morning at 5 AM I'm riding a bus to Philadelphia for a visit with some of my favorite people. :)

I got a lot of practicing in early, so I can pull my half-nighter tonight and then another one later this week. I want to finish my paper before I fly into a psychotic rage over my recital. On a brighter note, I got another letter from another friend who is abroad. Thanks Kristine!  I now have a big pile of correspondence that is making me feel a little more popular.

Here goes my half-nighter (half an all-nighter). I think I'll watch It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia to see me through this rough time.

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